Justin Moorhouse About 30 Minutes No More Than 45

John Thomson, German comic ChristianSchulte-Loh and John and Chippy all catch up with Justin. The Postbag is back to its fighting weight to deliver the big knockout finish.

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John Moloney and Chris McCausland catch up with Justin Moorhouse. The underwear draw gets sorted. The Postbag and some reviews close the pod.

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Danny McLoughlin, Sarah-Louise Young, David Cainer, Barney and Little Miss Moorhouse all catch up with Justin this week. A slimline Postbag makes a brief cameo at the end. 

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Danny McLoughlin joins Justin for a road trip to Southampton via the Chelsea v Manchester United FA Cup tie. The Postbag comes on at the end to close the show. 

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Ever wonder what a night on the road is like for a comic? Justin Moorhouse takes us through a night on his tour show at the Darwen Library Theatre with Will Duggan. The Postbag turns up to close the podcast.

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Little Miss Moorhouse, Danny McLoughlin, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Andrew Ryan all catch up with Justin Moorhouse. The postbag is back to close the show.

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Justin Moorhouse is back on his travels talking to comedian Will Duggan, plus his mates Big Dog Andy and Chippy. The hunt for the Postbag continues... 

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Will Duggan, Alfie Joey, Geoff Norcott, Mark Nelson and Trevor all catch up with Justin on his travels in this bumper Podcast. The Postbag gives us the usual flair finish.

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Little Miss Moorhouse, the nieces and Zoe Lyons all catch up with Justin at the Edinburgh Festival. Two of his friends review Justin's show while he is out of ear shot. The Postbag plays us out at the end of the Pod.

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Justin is still over in Rio working for DFS and Team GB. We catch up with his production team who are making the films and some people he meets along the way. He watches Andy Murray with Reggie Yates and the Postbag gets emotional.  

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