Justin Moorhouse About 30 Minutes No More Than 45

Katie Mulgrew, Rob Rouse, Ashley Blaker and Imran Yusuf all catch up with Justin. Miss Moorhouse gives us her take on Love Island. The Postbag returns with a new contract and a improved billing.

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Ben Crompton from Game of Thrones and his Mum, Alfie Joey, Moorhouse (the artist formerly known as Little Miss Moorhouse) and Trevor all catch up with Justin. The current potential second Mrs Moorhouse makes rude gestures and the Post Bag is full to bursting!

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Clive Anderson, Jim White, Rob Rouse and Janet (Miss Moorhouse) all have a chat. Plus Chippy goes to watch The Producers with Justin.

The Post Bag gets time off for good behaviour.

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John Thomson, Janet (Miss Moorhouse), John and Danny McLoughlin all catch up with Justin. The post bag comes bouncing back. If you want to get in touch email info@justinmoorhouse.com  

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Podcast Mike, Barney, Sam, Dave Williams and Eshaan Akbar all catch up with Justin. The Post Bag gets into the world of gaming. 

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Vicky Elliott, Alfie Moore and Gary Little catch up with Justin. He also goes to the reopening of one his favourite places to eat, Lily's Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. 

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Miss Moorhouse, formerly known as Janet and originally called Little Miss Moorhouse, Andrew Bird, Trevor and Chippy catch up with Justin. The Post Bag returns after a heavy few weeks. You can give us a shout by emailing info@justinmoorhouse.com 

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