Justin Moorhouse About 30 Minutes No More Than 45

Justin goes to Malaga with Chippy and the boys, Portugal for work and speaks to a couple of lads, Mike and Chris on a bus in Seville. Little Miss Moorhouse reviews the musical version of Matilda and the Postbag goes nil by mouth.   

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Justin catches up with Jodie Prenger, Joanne McNally, Jimmy McGhie and reviews Early Doors with Chippy. Little Miss Moorhouse has a cameo and the Postbag has but on a bit of weight this week. 

(Sorry it's a bit longer than 45 but hope you enjoy it - Podcast Mike.)

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Justin catches up with Little Miss Moorhouse, Trevor, Danny McLoughlin and David Longley. This podcast also includes the most emotional Postbag we've ever had.

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Justin catches up with Charlie Baker, on a dog walk with John, Chippy reveals something amazing and Little Miss Moorhouse makes a return to the Podcast. After long contract talks the Postbag is also back.

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Justin records a Podcast for Russell Kane; catches up with Charlie Baker, goes for a drive with Trevor and takes the dog out with Chippy.

The Postbag is AWOL but you can help by emailing us at info@justinmoorhouse.com

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Justin is back #nopromises He talks to comedians Pat Cahill and Steve Gribbin, has something to ask Little Miss Moorhouse and talks to Chippy about his recent colonoscopy. To get in touch email info@justinmoorhouse.com 

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Alex Boardman, Tony Hadoke, Little Miss Moorhouse and the in-laws all catch up with Justin. The Postbag has gone AWOL again. 

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Rachel Riley, Kerry Godiman, Brennan Reece, Rob Riley and Little Miss Moorhouse welcome Justin back to podcasting after a break. The Postbag eases it's way back into action at the end.  

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Rob Rouse, Joe Lycett, Jarred Christmas, Mike Gunn, Stewart Francis, Jacko and a lady playing an organ in a pub all join Justin this week. The Postbag leaves us with something to think about at the end.  

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Jarred Christmas and Mike Gunn catch up with Justin as The All-Star Stand-Up nationwide tour reaches its half way point. He reflects on the sad events in Manchester. The Postbag plays us out as always.    

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